Associate Professor of Signal Processing
Electronic mail: joni.kamarainen ät My face
Telephone number: +358 (0)50 300 1851
Snail mail:
Tampere University of Technology
Department of Signal Processing
P.O.Box 553, FI-33101
Tampere, Finland

In urgent matters, contact me by phone or in IRC (jol on #itlab) or Skype (jkamarai). I do read and answer every email, but not every day or even every week ;-)

Upcoming events:

  • BMVC 2018 29th British Machine Vision Conference, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK (Area Chair).
  • ECCV 2018 European Conference on Computer Vision, Munich, Germany (PC Member).
  • ICPR 2018 24th International Conference on Pattern Recognition, Beijing, China (Area Chair).