FISHVIEW uses a novel approach to give researchers the “inside view” of a river pass. We design a device that feels water flow similar to the lateral line sensing organ of fish. This device will be immersed in river passes and records the signals in the flow. The signals will be then analyzed with methods of image analysis. If we compare flow patterns from functional and non-functional fish passes we are hoping to tell the difference between them and thus get an answer to the question why are functional fishpasses perceived differently from non-functional ones from the fish point of view. This method will then be used to design new fish passes by using the flow information in computer simulations. As the result, we hope to be able to tell how to build fishpasses that migrating fish will use.

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Maarja Kruusmaa E-mail Professor, coordinator of the project
Gert Toming E-mail Doctoral student
Naveed Muhammad E-mail Post-doc researcher
Jeffrey A. Tuhtan E-mail Dr.-Ing.
Matthias Schneider E-mail Dr.-Ing.
Nataliya Strokina E-mail Post-doc researcher
Joni Kämäräinen E-mail Professor

Selected Publications

FishView: environment investigation methods for an underwater robot.

By Nataliya Strokina, Joni-Kristian Kämäräinen, Maarja Kruusmaa, Jeff Tuhtan. In Federated Computer Science Event, Lappeenranta, Finland 2014.

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Authors and teams

Centre for Biorobotics in Tallinn University of Technology
SJE Ecological Engineering, Germany


Robottikala testaa kalaportteja – Itämeren kalat kiittävät, YLE Uutiset, 14.7.2014